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Ingredients For Smoking
80g Long Grain Rice
40g Muscovado Sugar
75g Black/Jasmine tea


4 free range chicken breasts
1 cos/romaine lettuce (heart)
60 g Grana Padano (shaved)
6 tbs Fresh Mayonnaise
8 Tortilla wraps (medium)
2 ripe avocado (sliced)

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Season chicken breasts, carefully put the chicken breasts on wire rack.Line a large wok with tin foil. Mix the ingredients for the the smoking mixture together and add to the bottom of the foil. place the rack on top of the pan and tightly cover with lid. Put the heat on the hob to the lowest possible setting and cook the chicken for 30 mins. After that time, remove the lid and leave the chicken to cool a little.Once cool, slice the chicken or shred. The avocado, peel and add some lime juice, with a fork mash it up so its easier to spread on warm tortilla wrap. Place chicken  in a bowl with lettuce and  mayonnaise, mix gently and place in tortilla wrap, add shaved or grated Parmesan, then fold into required shape and serve with either salad or sweet potato chips..