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11/2 kg rolled beef topside1tablespoon olive oil4red onions, peeled and quartered1⁄2a celeriac, peeled and cut into chunks12shatanay carrots, peeled and halved lengthways4garlic cloves2beef bouillon cubes400ml just boiled water100ml red wine1bay leaf1teaspoon dried oregano1teaspoon dried herbs1teaspoon fresh ground black pepper2tablespoons corn flour


Preheat 150 degreesHeat oil in a large sauce pan brown beef on all sides. Transfer to a plate and set aside.Add the vegetables and garlic to the pan and, stirring regularly, cook until the onions are beginning to go soft. Transfer the vegetables to crock pot and place the beef on top, push the beef down so it nestles among the vegetables.Dissolve the stock cube in the just boiled water; add the wine, oregano, mixed herbs and pepper.Pour over the beef; add the bay leaf and cover. Cook on low for 6 hours.Once the beef is cooked, carefully remove from the crock pot and place on a warmed serving platter. Remove the vegetables with a slotted spoon and arrange around the beef. Cover and keep warm.For the gravy, ladle the liquid left in the crock pot into a saucepan, stir in the corn flour and bring to the boil, simmer for 2 minutes.